Through Diploma in Civil Engineering Course from Park Polytechnic Institute, a student will be able to gain solid understanding of the subject. Knowledge about the subject matter will be provided by experienced faculty members. Properly conducted laboratory sessions will help a student to become a good engineer. The course involves math, physics, chemistry, mechanics, calculus, drawing and data analysis. In order to prepare them well for the job market we provide extra English Language Class and basic computer lessons.

Diploma engineer have range of career options related to civil engineering. Generally, they are employed for work related to construction and maintenance of roads, tunnels, mining and water and sewage systems. Construction companies, consulting firms and local authorities hire diploma engineers (Civil Technology) for variety of works.

Diploma in Civil Technology (Civil Engineering) consists of 8 semesters. It is a 4 years course. Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) controls and conducts semester final exam. The board (BTEB) closely monitors mid-term exam of each semester.