Skilled workforce is compulsory for national development. Well trained individuals are productive and they contribute in national development. In order to convert mass people into skillful workforce BTEB introduced 3-6 months short courses on range of subject. The Courses focus mainly on work related knowledge and training.  The courses teach workplace communicative English.

In order to fulfill the dream of ‘Digital Bangladesh’ we need skilled workforce in ICT sector. Park Polytechnic Institute provides training for two relevant courses; Computer Office Applications and Graphics Design and Multimedia. 


Computer Office Applications

Computer Office Applications course provides a solid foundation in the basic and intermediate skills for working with computer system, Word Processor, Spread sheet, PowerPoint, Database, Email and Internet basic applications, practices Google G-suite & concept on Freelancing. This course is ready to extend the knowledge and upgrade skill into some of the more specialized and advanced capabilities of basic operations in computing.


After completion of the course the students will be able to-

• Operate pc with windows operating system.

• Work with word processor

• Work with spread sheet program

• Present a presentation using power point.

• Create, maintain and manipulate database.

• Work with Internet & Email Application.

• Work with Google G-suite

• Concept on Freelancing

• Develop Soft Skills

• Practices communicative English

Entry Qualification: Minimum JSC or equivalent passes.

Graphics Design and Multimedia

The course provides a solid foundation in and intermediate skills on Graphics Design.  It is gaining popularity day by day. Graphics design is necessary for Digital Marketing. Wide range of jobs are available for Graphics Designer. They can start their own business. The Course will help students to learn how to earn money from freelance marketplaces.

Objectives :

After Completion of the course the students will be able to :

1. Acquire the basic concepts and skills on Graphic Design. 

2. Develop skill on Designing and Developing Graphical Design.

3. Apply the Combination of various standard Graphic Design software.

4. Develop skill on practical print media & entry idea electronic media.

5. Solve the problems on design related activities.

6. Acquire the concepts of business and communicative English.

7. Earn money through freelance marketplaces.