About us

Park Polytechnic institute is the largest Private Polytechnic Institute in Narayangong. Members
of the MonnuJahan Foundation established the institute in 2010 to promote technical education
and create skilled workforce. It provides practical and skills-oriented training in 4 years Diploma
in Engineering Courses under Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). Park Polytechnic
Institute has invested heavily in its campuses to provide students with all high standard facilities.
The institute is well-known for its digital class rooms, spacious corridors, auditorium,
sufficiently equipped laboratories, well-decorated library, and highly qualified instructors. The
institute is located in Signboard area with excellent transportation facilities. It also provides
suitable accommodation for its students.


Our aim is to give back to the national economy by developing skilled workforce. We believe
skills can inspire the youth to become competent, focused and ready for the service industries
alongside creating scopes for entrepreneurship


To become a credible institute for recruiters both home and abroad. We want to see our students
get nationwide and global recognition as they maintain excellence in their professional lives. We
are determined to equip our students with the necessary skills so they can make their marks both
nationally and internationally